Short Sale Qualify


Short Sale with a chance to lease back.


We have non -profit investors willing to buy your property in a short sale and then rent it back to YOU for a period ranging from 1-3 years. During this time you can re-build your credit and be able to buy your home back at current market value.


Learn Quickly And Easily If You Qualify For A Real Estate Short Sale!

Complete this 1 Minute Quick Qualifier, designed by an expert, and discover in less than a minute if you qualify for a short sale.

Short Sale vs Foreclosure: Still Not Clear....Watch this video to sum things up

Keep My Home Short Sale


         GOOD NEWS!…


You Can Now Short Sale your property


                                                        And STAY IN YOUR HOME!!!  



How The Process Works:


We have investors through a Non-Profit who will purchase your home through the HAFA Short Sale lease back program:

A)    The current Lender on the home will sell the house as part of the HAFA Short Sale to the NON-PROFIT agency or Real Estate         Investor.


B)    You will be able to make the monthly lease payments on the home with the Short Sale Lease Back Program


C)   You will be able to buy the home back from them in 3 years or less.


Step 1:

Contact Meshawn Davis to begin the appropriate short sale paperwork and accept the offer from the Non-Profit organization to purchase your home. *This will then require lender approval.


Step 2:
Enroll in the HAFA Program to initiate the short sale process with Berkshire Hathaway. This is an important step because it allows our Non-Profit to facilitate the transaction without the usual “Arms Length” requirements.

Step 3:
Once the lender approves the transaction and escrow closes, sign the 3 Year Lease Option Purchase agreement with the Non-Profit and begin leasing the home from the Non-Profit organization.


Step 4:
Whether an income, credit or medical hardship, fix your financial issues over the course of the next 3 years and obtain financing to purchase the home from the Non-Profit at the same price the Non-Profit purchased it for.


*4 basic requirements for Short Sale Lease Back Program

1. Property must be your primary residence

2. You must be able to demonstrate enough income to support the lease payments

3. You must qualify for the HAFA short sale program

4. Short Sale lender must agree to terms between seller and buyer