Get Top Dollar For Your Inherited or Probate Property. Make Zero Repairs and Pay Zero Commissions.




What Most Agents Don't Know Can Really Hurt You.


WARNING: Most real estate sales agents don't understand the first thing about probate sales.Traditional sales and probate sales are not at all the same and inexperienced agents will often end up wasting valuable time and creating unneccesary friction arguing with the estates attorney about unneccesary disclosures. They also aren't trained or equipped to manage estate sales and property clean outs. Working with an experienced and certified real estate probate advisor like myself almost always saves time and money for the estate.


I Provide Two Options For Selling Your Probated Property.


Option #1

You can sell to one of my investors for ALL CASH and a fast 21 day escrow. With this secnario you'll pay zero real estate commissions and make zero repairs. This is fastest and easiest way to sell. If your property qualifies you will normally recieve a written offer for review by the estate within 72 hours of contract. Once the offer is accepted by the estate I handle all the arrangments and paperwork with a local Title company for an insured on time closing.


Option #2

I'll find you highly qualified retail buyer(s) who will pay top dollar retail price for the estates property. Allow 30 to 60 days in the current market conditions. In most cases you can expect an additional 25% to 35% more money when selling this route; even after all of the sellers fees are paid including real estate commissions and other closing costs.

Please watch my video testimonials of my previous clients.

Contact me directly on my mobile right now at 310-933-4459 or send me a message in the box above including the property address and I'll provide you with both prices on the property so you'll know which option is best for the estates situation.

Understanding Your Needs

Having worked with many trustees, conservators and probate professionals throughout the years, I have seen first-hand the stress involved with these types sales. My ultimate goal is to help alleviate the stress as much as possible, by being reliable, competent and accessible. I always go the extra mile. I believe this is what distinguishes me from other agents. If I have made your job easier, then I have done my job well.

An equally important goal is to get the best possible price for the trustee and the heirs. I always keep the family's best interest at heart throughout the whole transaction.

Services I Offer:

1. Free Step by Step Guide to Probate.  Learn how to file for free.
2. Professional Market Analysis Reports (by mail, fax or e-mail)
3. Preliminary Title Reports
4. Property Searches (to quickly find deeds of trust and liens)
5. Internet marketing (virtual tours, extensive website exposure)
6. Customized Innovative Marketing Plan
7. Coordinate re-keying of property
8. Coordinate cleaning out and cleaning up of property
9. The supervision and organizing of cleaning crews, haulers, painters, carpet installers, estate liquidators, etc.
10. Organize shipping of personal items
11. Will continue marketing and showing property until court date to increase the chance of an overbid in court
12. Will make court appearances with attorneys
13. Coordination of all details of transaction, from start to finish

Client References


"I have worked with Meshawn Davis for over 8 years, and have only the highest praise for her. She is extremely competent and reliable and I whole-heartedly recommend her."

Virginia D., Personal Representative


"Being a conservator can sometimes be a very stressful job. Having a real estate agent who is good-natured, reliable and accessible makes my job much easier."

Angela K. and Barbara H., Personal Representative


"Meshawn Davis was my real estate agent in my recent home sale. He is a very knowledgeable, diligent and persistent, and was a pleasure to work with."

Allen A., Trustee/Administrator


Use my Bulls Eye report below to learn the current RETAIL value for your property which is typically 25% to 35% higher than investor cash offers. Allow an additional 60 days sales time and an additional 30 days to close escrow when selling on the retail market.  Call me at 310.933.4459 to discuss either option today